Over the years, some unusual individuals have become members of the Blank Workshop. Learn more about some of our Featured Fellows here.

The Hazelnut lady (BW022/74)

Believed to be the re-animated components of an European shop-tailor window dummy,
the Hazelnut lady is an occasional sight for those who choose to stroll within Wombwood forest.

Jass of Thun (BW011/84)

During the Autumn and Winter months, Clinkskell is often visited by the peculiar 'Jass of Thun'. His arrival coincides with particularly inclement weather, and it is mentioned that his footsteps have only been heard upon frozen ground.

Miss Cindy Numerator (BW009/73)

Miss Cindy Numerator is the Blank Workshop's resident academician and licentiate.
Noted for her contemplative nature and love of repeated patterns, it is often said around
Clinkskell that if you and your friends are enjoying a summer bonfire, then there is a good
chance that Miss Numerator will there, enjoying it with you.